Conservation Programs at Barrie District Hunters & Anglers Conservation Club

Since 1953, the membership of the Barrie District Hunters & Anglers Conservation Club has taken consistent, direct action to improve our local wildlife habitats, care for and protect our local environment and increase community awareness for environmental causes.

Our membership is composed of active outdoors people, to whom the care and protection of our wildlife and natural environment are of paramount importance.

As active hunters and anglers, protecting and improving our fragile, diminishing and frequently challenged natural resources, is absolutely necessary to our ability to pass these traditions and environmental appreciation to future generations of Ontarians. As a result of these passions, the Barrie District Hunters & Anglers Conservation Club has been recognized by organizations such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, The Canadian Federal Government, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Food Partners Alliance and more.

We are honored to have been recognized as a leader in the protection and preservation of our local environment and hope that our example will encourage others to accept the challenge and responsibility of caring for all our Province’s Natural Resources.

Our Conservation Programs

Creek, watershed and roadway cleanup

Each spring and summer, the membership of  BDHACC engages in multiple cleanup projects around our community.  Whether it be roadside trash pickup, attacking debris and overgrowth of spawning areas or locating and working with local townships to...

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Turtle Nesting Project 2017

During 2017 and moving forward, BDHACC is investing considerable effort to establishing new turtle nesting grounds throughout Simcoe County.  Currently with locations in Innisfil, Springwater and Barrie, this effort is well underway.  Negotiations...

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Tree Planting on BDHACC property 2016

During the month of May 2016, BDAHCC in conjunction with the Huronia Rotary Club, planted 10,000 trees on the BDHACC property.  The mixture of these included600 red oak trees, with the balancebeing  75% red pine and 25% white pine.  It is the goal, of both...

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