BDHACC Youth Program

The BDHACC Youth Program is a made up of youths ages 5 - 20. There are monthly events held during the year which allow the kids an opportunity to interact and enjoy a variety of different activities.

These activities include archery, turkey shoots, sporting clays, fishing, hiking, and summer camping. We also participate in conservation projects such as the building/maintenance of wood duck boxes, bat boxes (as seen in Bob’s Garden), community garden, roadside garbage pick-up , stream improvement and wild life repopulation. 

The health and safety of our members are of paramount importance; therefore, we have implemented rules and guidelines which govern the behaviour of the members while engaged in activities that could result in injury. 

We have found that our members respect and follow our guidance thus resulting in the participation in our activities, which prove to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. 


2016 BDHACC Youth Program Events Listing


Monday, Juny 25, 2016- Youth fishing event 10:00am

Saturday, August 13, 2016- Youth Summer Camp Out

Sunday, August 14, 2016- Youth Summer Camp Out

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Leanne and Jeff Reid (BDHACC Youth Program Coordinator):

BDHACC Youth Program Application forms:

BDHACC Youth Program New Membership App Form 2017.pdf

BDHACC Youth Program Membership Renewal App Form 2017.pdf