BDHACC Membership information

The BDHACC is an affiliated member club of the OFAH. Full membership with the BDHACC includes membership with OFAH. As well as being an advocacy group for Hunter and Anglers across Ontario, OFAH provides all members with $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance. Membership also includes a subscription to Ontario Out of Doors Magazine with special information insert for members only. For more information on the OFAH and benefits of membership, please go to their web site at

Membership Types

There are four types of memberships at BDHACC:

  1. Single Adult – Applicable to persons 21 to 64 years of age
    Fee $125.00 + $150.00 Property Maintenance*
  2. Family – Applicable to Adult member, Spouse and Children under 21 years of age. Family members are also members under OFAH and are not subject to Guest Fees at the Club.
    Fee $140.00 + $150.00 Property Maintenance*
  3. Senior – Applicable to persons 65 years and older
    Fee $75.00 + $150.00 Property Maintenance*
  4. Youth – Applicable to persons 13-20 years of age (Youths under 18 yrs must be accompanied by an adult when on club property.
    Fee - $15.00

Membership fees are due on February 28th, each year.


As a non-profit conservation club we rely on our members' help to keep the organization going. Except for out side contractors occasional need for necessary maintenance, all work of operating, maintaining and improving the club is done by members on a volunteer basis. We ask all members to try and volunteer at least 25 hours per year to the club. In return, you will not be required to pay the $150.00 property maintenance fee when you renew your membership in February.

The volunteer time can be such things as working on conservation projects, working on the property, helping with fundraisers and volunteering to be on committees. Throughout the late spring, summer and early fall, work parties are held at the club every Wednesday night. It is at this time that much of the needed maintenance of the property is completed.

Members of BDHACC get the most our of the club by being involved in it’s operation, maintenance and activities. BDHACC is more than just a place to come and shoot. Volunteering at the club is a great way to get to know other members, talk about similar interests and generally have a good time.

As an addition benefit for members, our club is certified for use of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms. Those members wanting to obtain an ATT for restricted and prohibited firearms, a person must be a member for at least one full year so the we can get a sense of their character and be comfortable to take responsibility for issuance of the ATT.

As of April 2008, there will be additional requirements for members to obtain an ATT from the club:

  1. Applicants must be a member for at least one full year before applying for an ATT
  2. Applicants must have attended at least 3 club meetings and 3 club events (special events, meetings, work parties) in the previous 12 months before being considered for an ATT.
  3. Applicants must have completed the club level handgun safety course before being considered for an ATT.

Monthly General meetings

General club meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month (except for conflicts with holidays), 7:30 pm, located at the main club house (where you were sworn in as a member). At these meetings we discuss various issues related the club and other related interests, upcoming events, etc. At each meeting a 50/50 draw is held with a cost of $2.00 to participate. Minutes of these meetings are distributed to each member in the form of our monthly bulletin, either by mail or email.

Becoming A Member of the BDHACC


The applicant will:

  1. Complete the membership application in full
  2. Indicate on the application form the date and time he was given a tour of the club property and will also give the date and time he was made aware of all the club rules and regulations that deal with the club as well as the clubs ranges,
  3. Submit the completed application to their sponsor, the club sponsor will than forward it to the membership chairperson and or a member of the club executive.
  4. Upon request of the club membership chairperson or a member of the executive acting on behalf of the membership chairperson, Will attend a club meeting with his sponsor to be sworn in as a member.
  5. Agree to abide by all the clubs rules and regulations.
  6. If joining during the course of the year, be considered an interim member until such time as full annual fees are paid in February and the club forward the member’s information to the OFAH.
  7. Be considered a Probationary member for a period 2 years from first joining the club, during which time they will not be eligible to sponsor new members.

* EXCEPTION: Consideration will be given by the executive to re-instate a person who was previously a member in good standing without the need for a sponsor. The executive’s decision will be largely based on the circumstances under which a the persons previous membership was terminated.

Club Member, Sponsor

  1. The club member who wishes to sponsor a new member, shall be in good standing, and IS NOT on probation with the club,
  2. Has been a member with the club for a full two years.
  3. Has given the new applicant a full tour of the club property, and has explained in detail all the rules and regulations in dealing with the club property and its ranges.
  4. Will take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the actions of the new applicant, during the applicant’s probationary period of two years.
  5. Will report to the clubs membership Chairperson or the executive, any reason the sponsor deems fit, to with-hold the applicants application, or cancel the membership while he or she is on probation.
  6. Indicates on the New Applicants , application that he will and has complied with the above and signs his name to the new applicants application.

Membership Chairperson;

  1. On request from a club member forward a club membership application to the member, to be filled out by the new applicant,
  2. Will upon receiving the application from the sponsor scan the application making sure it is properly completed,
  3. Will contact the Sponsor or Applicant to ascertain any clarification if required,
  4. Will advise the Clubs President that he has an application for new membership to be addressed at the next executive meeting.
  5. Will present the application at the next executive meeting, for discussion.
  6. If in the opinion of the executive the application is accepted, the membership chairman will notify the applicant and sponsor and arrangements will be made to have both the applicant and sponsor present at a future general meeting for swear in.
  7. If in the opinion of the executive the application is rejected, the applicant will be notified by the membership chairman and informed of the reason. The applicant and sponsor may appeal a negative decision to the executive.
  8. Will not be held responsible for the actions of any applications submitted for membership.

Club Executive;

  1. Will review the application of all new members that is brought forth by the clubs membership chair person, and will hear all information that is presented on behalf of the new applicant.
  2. For any reason the clubs executive deem fit they can request the applicants sponsor to appear before the executive to answer any concerns they may have,
  3. Will vote on the application to accept or refuse the application, a majority vote is required,
  4. Has the authority to suspend or terminate the membership of any member for any just cause. If in the opinion of any of the executive any membership should be suspended or terminated, it will be discussed at the executive meeting. At this time the executive will vote on the suspension or termination of the membership. A vote must be 100% to suspend or terminate a membership.
  5. If a membership is suspended or terminated, the member they will be notified of the decision in writing by the club membership chairperson complete with the reason for the club’s decision. The suspended member may appeal the decision to the executive and/or apply for reinstatement.

New Member

  1. Has a probationary period of 2 years during which they cannot sponsor new members.
  2. Must attend 3 general meetings and assist/attend in at least 3 club events (dinners, shoots, work parties, etc) in each of the two years of their probationary period.
  3. Is considered an interim member until they pay their full annual membership fee in February. Until this time, the member’s information will not be forwarded to the OFAH and they will not be a member of this organization via the club.

Becoming an Interim Member of BDHACC

Applicants to the Club are voted and sworn-in at the monthly general meeting. Fees for interim membership are calculated on a prorated basis, depending on the date of swearing in. Applicants are also charged an initiation fee of $50.00. See below for our interim membership fee schedule.

An applicant will not be considered an interim member until sworn-in at a monthly general meeting. Executive Members vote on all applicants coming into the Club. Until that time all applicants must be accompanied by a Club member when on club property. All applicants and potential applicants are invited to all General Membership meetings even before you have submitted your application. These meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. This will give you a feel for the Club and also help you find a sponsor if you don't already have one. An applicant will receive his or her membership card and property key once you have been sworn in.

Note: The BDHACC does not swear in members in March. The General meeting on this month is the Annual General Meeting where matters of significant importance are discussed and voted on. Due to the busy time table for this meeting member swear ins are not conducted at this time.

Interim members are afforded full access to the Club property and will receive the monthly club bulletin. Interim members are not granted an OFAH membership via BDHACC until they become a Full Member. Use of the ranges by interim members is restricted until they complete the RANGE AND PROPERTY USE RULES ORIENTATION COURSE. These are typically offered every month after the new member has had chance to review the Range and Property Use Rules. Check the club calendar on this site for dates and contact information for the course provider.

All new members are considered PROBATIONARY until they have been with the club for two full years and attended 3 meetings and three events during each of those three years.

Becoming a Full Member of BDHACC

All new memberships remain interim members until they have paid their full membership fees in February. New members will not receive Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Membership until the start of their first full year in April.

All new members are considered PROBATIONARY until they have been with the club for two full years and attended 3 meetings and three events during each of those three years.

Interim Membership Fee Schedule

(includes Property Maintenance & Initiation Fees)

Month Adult Fee Family Fee Senior Fee Junior Fee
Jan - June $320.00 $335.00 $270.00 $15.00
July - Dec $185.00 $192.50 $162.50 $15.00


You can download a Membership Application form below. 

If you have further questions, you are welcome to attend any of our monthly General Meetings that are held on the 2nd Monday of each month, 7:30 pm at the club (view the Calendar for more details).

Download the New Member Application Form:

BDHACC Membership Renewal 2018.pdf

BDHACC New Member Application 2018.pdf

BDHACC New Member Application 2018 Info.pdf

BDHACC Youth Program New Membership Application Form 2018.pdf

BDHACC Youth Program Membership Renewal App Form 2018.pdf